How can I cancel my subscription?

To cancel a YouTrack Cloud subscription plan or free trial:

1. Log in to your JetBrains account

2. On the Licenses page, locate the service that you want to cancel and click the Remove your instance via email link. An email message with your YouTrack Cloud domain and JetBrains account data is generated.


  • Click the Go to email client button to copy the email message to your email client. If you don't use a desktop email client application, copy the message to your webmail client.
  • Edit the message body to include your reasons for canceling your subscription. The message subject helps us identify and process cancellation requests in a timely manner, so leave it as written.
  • Send the email message to

Our support team replies to the message to ask that you confirm the instance cancellation. When confirmed, the instance is deleted. All of the data is erased.

Please note, that if you have a free YouTrack Cloud license (up to 10 users) and don't have a JBA account, you need to register a JetBrains account to delete your instance (JetBrains account and YouTrack instance must be registered with the same email address).

For more details, please see the instance cancelation instructions.


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