Troubleshooting: notifications not sent after upgrade to 6.5


Notifications are broken. When I send a test email to test the connection between YouTrack and Microsoft Exchange Server (or another mail server), I get an error “No authentication mechanisms supported by both server and client”.


Context settings:

  1. Notifications over email are enabled
  2. Mail protocol: SMTP


Possible reasons:

  1. YouTrack tries to use SMTP credentials (login/password) to connect to the SMTP server while it is configured to have no authentication mechanism.
  2. Even if the fields “SMTP login”/”SMTP password” are disabled in Global Settings, they can be extracted from session or system properties.


What should I do?

If enabling authentication on the mail server is not an option:

  • Clear the “SMTP login”/”SMTP password” fields in Global Settings and save empty values (this is preferable). As an alternative, apply the following options on YouTrack start:




More about starting parameters:

  • Disable authentication from the YouTrack side by starting YouTrack with a special option to disable mail server authentication explicitly:


If I can turn the authentication on:

  • Enable authentication for inbound connections on the mail server. For example, with Exchange Server 2010/2013, you need to enable “Integrated Windows Authentication" or "Basic Authentication" for the receive connector in Hub Transport.


I’ve tried all of the above, how can I get help and what details should I provide?

  1. Gather information about your mail server. Which mail server do you use? What authentication mechanism does it use?
  2. Restart your Youtrack with the following option: -Dmail.debug=true
  3. After a restart, send a test email from Global Settings again and prepare the full YouTrack logs as per p.1 here:
  4. Send all this information to our support at [email protected] along with a description of the main problem and the build number you’re currently using.

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