YouTrack Cloud Maintenance Calendar

The YouTrack Cloud Maintenance Calendar keeps you informed about scheduled YouTrack maintenance downtime and other YouTrack events, including new version releases and upgrades. We want you to be informed about any possible downtime in advance in order to plan work with your issue tracker in the most effective way.

The calendar is public. To import this information into your own calendar, click the +Google Calendar button in the bottom-right corner (requires a Google Account).

Time Zone Settings

Events in the YouTrack Cloud Maintenance Calendar are scheduled according to the time zone shown in the lower-right corner of the calendar. To view these events in your local time zone, add them to your personal calendar.

To find out when maintenance is scheduled for your instance, you first need to know where your instance is hosted. The current data center location for your instance is displayed on the Server Configuration tab of the Global Settings page. For more information, see License Details.

If you have any questions or need technical support, submit a support request. We're happy to help!

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