Can I integrate YouTrack with Testiny?

Testiny is a test management tool that lets you manage all your manual and automated test cases. They support a link-based integration with YouTrack, where users can link YouTrack issues as requirements or defects to test cases, results, or test runs in Testiny.

All of the setup is performed directly in Testiny. On the YouTrack side, you may want to create a dedicated project for tracking test results so you can configure the fields in the project to store relevant values, but this is not required for the integration.

For detailed setup instructions, please refer to the Testiny documentation.

Working with the YouTrack Integration

The YouTrack integration is used to create and link issues from Testiny. Issues can be created or linked to test cases, test runs, and test results and can be viewed in Testiny.

Within Testiny, you can link test runs and executions to issues in YouTrack. If you find a bug during your tests, you can create an issue by clicking the link in Testiny to the create dialog, creating an issue and then copying the issue link into Testiny. It is also possible to link requirements to test cases or create requirements from Testiny to build up your test coverage matrix.

YouTrack issues can be created (or linked to) in Testiny from the following entities:

  • Test cases
    It is possible to link requirements to test cases or to create a requirement and link it to the test case.

  • Test runs and test executions
    Testiny provides the ability to create defects (or link an existing issue) from a test run or a test execution.

When creating a requirement or a defect in Testiny, a dialog will appear. First, click the link that opens the create dialog. Create an issue and then copy the issue link into the dialog in Testiny.

When linking a requirement or a defect, a dialog will open where you can navigate to the list of issues. Then copy the issue link into the dialog in Testiny.

Latest Verified Version

The integration between YouTrack and Testiny is provided and supported by Mategra GmbH. The integration has been verified by the YouTrack team using a trial account in Testiny. The integration should be compatible with any YouTrack version, whether Server or Cloud.

If you experience problems with this integration when using the latest version of either YouTrack or Testiny, please report them here.

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