Free YouTrack’s AI Assistant

Availability of YouTrack AI Assistant


Starting with YouTrack version 2023.3, AI Assistant is available for free to the following YouTrack customers:

  • All YouTrack Cloud customers, including customers using the free version for up to 10 users, the trial plan for 100 users, and paid subscriptions. 
  • YouTrack Server customers using the free plan for teams of up to 10 users, the trial plan for up to 10,000 users for 60 days, and perpetual licenses with active upgrade subscriptions.

AI Assistant is not available to YouTrack Server customers with expired upgrade subscriptions. The free credits will stop being replenished when the upgrade subscription expires.

Note: The availability of the JetBrains AI service is restricted to territories supported by Open AI, but JetBrains is working on extending this list by integrating more model providers.

Free AI Assistant credits

JetBrains provides each AI Assistant-enabled YouTrack instance with free credits for the AI Assistant functionality. The free AI credits for each YouTrack instance are replenished weekly. YouTrack administrators can see the status of the AI credits used by the team and the planned replenishment date in the settings. Click on the gear icon in the main menu next to your avatar to get to Administration and then navigate to Integrations JetBrains AI.

If a customer exhausts their credits allowance before the end of the week, they must wait until the next week for the allowance to be renewed.

We will soon be adding information about the number of credits each user spends to this page, so that YouTrack administrators will be able to better plan their credit purchases.

AI Assistant credit purchases

Later in 2024, we plan to add the opportunity to purchase additional JetBrains AI credits for use in YouTrack when teams need more than the free amount. 

Please join the YouTrack community on our blog, X, Slack, or Facebook pages to get updates.

How to activate and start using YouTrack’s AI Assistant

YouTrack administrators can activate YouTrack’s AI Assistant by upgrading to the 2023.3 version. Administrators can activate or deactivate the feature for the whole YouTrack instance and define the users and groups allowed to use it. They can also monitor their AI credits status.

Click on the gear icon in the main menu to get to Administration and then navigate to Integrations JetBrains AI.

YouTrack users will see the AI Assistant icons in YouTrack only when AI Assistant is active. When this feature is deactivated, the icons are hidden.

When the feature is enabled, the icons are shown as active.

When the number of credits for the YouTrack instance is 0, your users will get a tip saying that the YouTrack administrator can resolve the issue.

When the AI credits are replenished, the AI Assistant icons become active again.

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