Can I Integrate YouTrack with Albato?

Albato is a no-code platform for integrating applications into automated workflows. Connect your apps to Albato and choose which events in one application should trigger actions in another. Albato supports integration with hundreds of applications, including YouTrack.

To set up the integration, you must first add a connection to YouTrack from Albato. This requires:

  • The base URL for your YouTrack site. This is used as the Domain when you create the connection.
  • A permanent token for the user whose account will be used for the integration. This is used as the API key when you create the connection.

Next, you need to create two workflows in YouTrack. These workflows use webhooks to receive HTTP requests from the Albato platform when corresponding integration events are triggered in connected apps and perform the action prescribed in the automation.

For detailed setup instructions and workflow code, please refer to the Albato blog.

Working with the YouTrack Integration

Albato supports a wide range of use cases for integrating different applications. These integrations are bi-directional, meaning you can use events in YouTrack as triggers for performing actions in a connected app, or use events from other apps as triggers for performing actions in YouTrack.

Albato supports the following triggers in YouTrack:

  • Issue created
  • Issue updated

Albato supports the following actions in YouTrack:

  •  New issue
  • Update issue
  • Find an issue

When testing the integration, our team experimented with the following use cases:

  • Posting a message to a Discord channel when an issue is resolved.
  • Creating an issue in YouTrack when a specific user is @mentioned in a tweet.
  • Creating helpdesk tickets based on messages posted to JivoChat.
  • Sending a customized notification through Gmail when an issue is updated.

With hundreds of available applications, the possibilities are endless.

Last Verified Version

The integration between YouTrack and Albato is provided and supported by Albato Limited. The integration has been verified by the YouTrack team using a trial account in Albato. The integration should be compatible with any YouTrack version, whether Server or Cloud.

If you experience problems with this integration when using the latest version of either YouTrack or Albato, please report them here.


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