How do I change my billing details, credit card and email?

You can change your billing address within the renew or upgrade subscription operation on the Order Checkout page.

To add a new card or update your card details go to the payment methods in your JetBrains account.


a. Click on Add new payment method to add a new credit card or a new PayPal.

b. Click on Update card to update the information for your card.

Please note, if you're using monthly subscription, formally you're renewed automatically every month. However, you can still renew your current plan manually in order to change your billing address or credit card. In this case you'll simply pay for the next month in advance.

Sometimes the payment cannot go through automatically and you get a failed payment notification. Often it happens when the credit card has expired, or there is not enough money, or the card is blocked. In this case you will get an email with the further instruction. 

Please contact us at if you don't plan to renew or upgrade.

If you would like to change the email address that is used for sending reminders, invoices, subscription details etc, please contact


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