How do I delete users in YouTrack?

You cannot delete users in YouTrack, but you can either ban an account or merge it into another account.
We suggest you using the following workflow:

  • Open Users list in the administration area.
  • Search for an account you need to 'delete'.
  • Merge it into another account.
  • If you need to remove any mentioning of the account, delete the set of credentials via user profile of the merged user account:

For more details refer to the Deleting User Accounts page.


Just curious, why is it not possible to just delete users? This seems highly impractical, it at least be possible to be able to merge the accounts under a a user titled "deleted" without making a separate account?


Just bumping the question of Calder Pegden. This is really ridiculous that we are not able to delete users permanently e.g. when firing them from a company. This way I have plenty of banned accounts and it's even quite hard to mange the enabled ones...


Is it legal to deny deletion of account?


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