How to Make a Project Private

(warning) Important: Private projects are not available for legacy 10-user free plans.

Private project is a project that is hidden from anyone but a specific user group(s) or individual users.

In brief, to make a project private you should execute the following steps:

  1. Restrict access to the project for anonymous users (guest account).
  2. Ensure that 'All users' group does not have permissions to view the project.
  3. Ensure that any of the auto joined user groups do not have access to the project as well.
  4. Check that other groups, except the group that should view the project, do not have access to the project.
  5. Grant permissions to access the target project to the desired user group and/or individual user(s).

This is the outline of the procedure. Now, let's view each step in details.

To restrict access for anonymous users, you can do either of the following:

To restrict access to the project for the "All users" group:

  1. Open Settings > Groups > All users page
  2. Open "Roles" tab
  3. For each assigned role in the table, click the Revoke Role button.

For each auto-joined group, repeat the procedure described for the "All users" group.

For each other group (except the group that should view the project), check the roles tab, to ensure that it doesn't have access to the target project.

For more details about managing user groups, please refer to the Manage Group Access page.

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