How to order search results by anything other than "Updated"

By default search results are ordered by the "Updated" field, in descending order. So the most recently updated issue is displayed at the top of the list.

However, you can sort search results by any issue field.

The first option is to specify sorting order in the search request itself. For example:

for: me #Unresolved created: 1900-01 .. 2012-01-12 sort by: Project asc

In this case, search results will be sorted by project name in ascending order (for project names it will be alphabetical order).

You can also sort search results by several parameters. Issues will be sorted by the first parameter, and if it matches, issues will be sorted according to the second parameter.

for: me #Unresolved created: 1900-01 .. 2012-01-12 sort by: Project, Subsystem asc

For more information, see Sort Attributes.


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How do we suppose to sort by issue name, there doesn't seem to be an option to sort by the name of the issue under issue attributes.

Is there a book that someone has written that goes through best practices of PyCharm or YouTrack. There is so much here that I'm drinking from a firehose and there has to be a more efficent way to learn this than piece meal one at a time tutorials you guys give.

I learned Autodesk products a decade ago because I went through the entire 600+ page Official AutoCad for Beginners Handbook. Then I went through the 800+ page Official AutoCad for Developers Handbook and they were fantastic, it taught me things that I used for a decade.

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