How do I search for issues that were created, updated, or resolved before a specific date?

To search for a events that took place before or after a specific date, you can use search by a date range. Starting from YouTrack version 2018.2.43142, you can substitute the value that determines the upper or lower bound in a range search with a wildcard.

For example, to find all unresolved issues assigned to you that were created before January 12th, 2012, you can use the following search query:

for: me #Unresolved created: * .. 2012-01-12


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what is took place, created, last updated ?


I think you are looking for
'>=' after or equal date 

'<=' before or equal to date

status not in (Closed) AND created <= 2019-08-04


Date range:

status not in (Closed) AND (created >= 2019-08-02 AND created <= 2019-08-04)


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