How do I invite users to register in YouTrack?

To invite one or several persons to register a user account in YouTrack:

  1. Open Users page.
  2. Click the Create User... button and then select the Invite Users tab.
  3. Provide a list of space-separated email addresses which owners should be invited to register an account in YouTrack:
  4. Click the Invite button to send invitations to users with the specified emails.




How can I customize the sent email? I see no way to do it and it's not even translated using German as the default locale.


And where exactly is this "Users" page?!?  Also, who has access to this "Users" page?

I am listed as a "Project Admin".  Is that enough privilege to see the users page? 


Yes. Where is Users page? We are evaluating this product, and it's troublesome that this question doesn't have an answer on this page.


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