How to restore the root password

To restore the password for the root account, run YouTrack with the -Djetbrains.charisma.restoreRootPassword=true JVM option. For example:

java -Djetbrains.charisma.restoreRootPassword=true -jar youtrack-2021.1.10244.jar 8080

When YouTrack starts, the root user password and permissions are reset to their default values. You can then log in with the default credentials (root/root) and set a new password for the account.

The exact procedure for restoring the root account varies by installation type. For details, see Change or Restore Password and Permissions for Root.

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Tried this on youtrack-6.5.16433.msi, had no effect. Searching HDD for youtrack.jvmoptions and potentially related conf/ folders or youtrack.jvmoptions.dist, in order to apply the above JVM option, found multiple, none had the effect of resetting the root password:



For msi distribution the vmoptions from 'C:/ProgramData/JetBrains/YouTrack/conf' should work. If the issue is still relevant, please let me know, what was the exact line that you've added?



  I'm on YouTrack version 2022.3.62571. We upgrade using the MSI file.

I commented this next line out since I was told by the YouTrack support team that the format was incorrect.

# Djetbrains.charisma.restoreRootPassword=true 

I added the following line; restarted the service, restarted the web server. 

Using 'root' as username and password did not work.

Is there another setting I should change? Thanks for any ideas you may have.



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