Hardware requirements for YouTrack

YouTrack Server does not have a specific set of hardware requirements. These requirements vary based on the size of your database and the average number of transactions that are processed on a regular basis. Use the following guidelines to estimate the requirements for your server.

Storage On average, YouTrack requires 1 GB of disk space to store approximately 5,000 issues. However, this is only a rough estimation. The exact amount of required space depends on the actual number and size of the files that are attached to issues in your installation. If, for example, you frequently attach large media files to each of your issues, your database will take up much more space per issue.
CPU For optimal performance, we recommend that you run YouTrack on a machine that has at least two available processors. For example, a machine with an Intel Core i3 processor or similar should enough to start with. Larger installations with heavy traffic may require more processing power.
Memory YouTrack requires 1.5 GB minimum RAM.

There are minimum requirements for the amount of memory that is allocated to the Java virtual machine (JVM) that runs the YouTrack service:

  • The maximum Metaspace memory must be at least 250m.
  • The maximum Java heap size must be at least 1024m.

These configuration parameters are applied to the JVM for all new installations by default.

For more information about the Java version, supported operating systems, and supported web browsers, refer to the YouTrack documentation.

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