How do I upgrade my trial or free plan?

1. Access the JetBrains eStore in one of the following ways:

  • Click the Buy now button from the email reminder; OR
  • Click the Change Your Plan button from the Buy page. Provide your domain and click Get   Verification Email. Then click the link included in the verification email to change your plan; OR
  • Click the Upgrade your plan button from your instance: Settings -> Global Settings.


2. Choose the appropriate plan and either Monthly or Yearly subscription type. Click Subscribe.

You can subscribe to any commercial plan, regardless of the actual number of users created during your trial period. If your number of users exceeds the license limit, extra users (the latest created) will be automatically banned.

Please note that when you choose Monthly subscription, you will be automatically charged the monthly fee for your plan every month. You can disable this option in your JetBrains account.

When choosing Yearly subscription, you can save 2 months' worth of fees. You will be charged automatically for the next year, with the email notice prior. You can also disable this option in your JetBrains account.

3. Complete and confirm the Order Checkout form:

    a. Check your subscription details: domain, plan, and monthly/yearly subscription.

   b. Provide your billing details (for yourself or your company).

   c. Choose a payment method:

  • Credit card  Enter your credit card details. This is an SSL-encrypted payment. We do not store your card details. You're safe.
  • PayPal  you will be redirected to PayPal where you should sign in to make the payment.


d. Click the Place Order button.

4. Make the payment via your PayPal account or a local payment provider. If paying with a credit card, you will be immediately redirected to the Confirmation page.

5. Verify your order details on the Order Confirmation page, and you're good to go!

We'll send you two emails: one with your purchase details and another with the invoice.

Note: Your plan will be upgraded automatically. 

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