How to delete issues permanently

(warning) Important: Delete issues action cannot be reverted.

There are two ways to delete an issue in YouTrack:

- click "Delete issue" button in the full-screen issue view

- use "delete" command in Command Dialog that is invoked by Ctrl-Alt-J


However, if you delete issues with attachments, please check a known bug. Fix will be delivered within one of next YouTrack releases.


Please use following steps to delete issues permanently:

- create a new project, i.e. "Removing issues"

- on the Issues list, select all issues that you would like to remove

- invoke Ctrl-Alt-J for command dialog or start typing the command: move (select "Removing issues" project from auto-completion) and click Apply.

- navigate to Administration > Projects > Removing issues > Remove project.

Target issues will be deleted permanently with the entire project.


Issues can be restored only within entire YouTrack instance as per procedure .

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