When we ask you to provide additional details (logs, database, HAR etc).

Sometimes we need additional details from you to investigate particular issue more efficiently. In this case we kindly ask you to send us YouTrack log files, YouTrack database, and even record HAR file.

Small files can be attached to a support thread directly. For large files please contact us and we will share the upload server address. We can also share NDA if required. 

When database (or other artefacts) uploaded, please share the archive name with us.

1. How to get YouTrack log files?

For YouTrack Server installations, one can check the actual location of the logs in Settings (Nut icon) > Server Settings -> Global Settings -> Server Configuration -> View Server Metrics -> Logs Location.

If you're asked to send configuration files (`conf` folder), please find it at `%programdata%\JetBrains\YouTrack\conf` (MSI distribution) or at `folder_where_you_extracted_ZIP_archive\conf`(ZIP distribution).

If YouTrack hasn't started successfully, you can find directory of the logs in the logs-dir property in   %conf%/internal/bundle.properties file.

If you use YouTrack Cloud, only the support team can access the logs. All you need to do is to share your instance name when submitting a support request. 

2. Where to find YouTrack database?

YouTrack Server

The safest way to provide us a database snapshot is to make a backup via Settings > Server Settings > Database Backup page.

One can check the actual location of the database in Settings > Server Settings -> Global Settings -> Server Configuration -> View Server Metrics -> Database Location.

YouTrack Cloud

Let us know the name of your instance, and we'll check your database ourselves.

3. How to record HAR file.

Google Chrome:

  1. Open Google Chrome and go to the page where the issue is occurring.
  2. From the Chrome menu bar select View > Developer > Developer Tools.
  3. From the panel opens at the bottom of your screen, select the Network tab.
  4. Look for a round Record button (in the upper-left corner of the Network tab, and make sure it is red. If it is grey, click it once to start recording.
  5. Check the box next to Preserve log.
  6. Click the Clear button to clear out any existing logs from the Network tab.
  7. Now try to reproduce the issue that you were experiencing before, while the network requests are being recorded.
  8. Once you have reproduced the issue, right-click anywhere on the grid of network requests, select Save as HAR with Content, and save the file to your computer.


The export as HAR is built-in since Firefox 41, you do not need to install Firebug and the NetExport extension.

  1. Refer to  Menu > Developer > Network
  2. Reload the page
  3. Right-click anywhere in the table and select the entry called Save all as HAR, select the destination file


4. How to get a thread dump 

 To get a thread dump for YouTrack, execute the command:

<Installation folder>\bin\youtrack.bat|sh dump threads to-file

The command stores thread dump to logs directory (the actual location is printed to the console). 


5. How to get a heap dump

To get a heap dump for your YouTrack instance, execute the command:

<Installation folder>\bin\youtrack.bat|sh dump heap

The command stores the resulting heap dump to logs directory (the actual location is printed to the console). 


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We're using the cloud service. There is no `Logs location` in the server settings. Would be useful to know where to find logs in a cloud instance.


Hello, for Cloud instances, logs are available only for the support team. To check them, we usually ask you to share your instance name. I've updated the article accordingly. 

Hope it helps. 

Edited by Anastasia Bartasheva

Thanks Anastasia

How/where would the support team request those logs? Could you add that in the article so that other cloud users don't have to read the comments to find out where and how to request their logs?

Thanks again


Usually, the support team checks the logs in scope of a submitted support ticket. You can submit a ticket here if you have a question or a problem. 


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