Storage Limits

Each YouTrack InCloud instance has a set storage limit.

  • Images and attachments are stored on the server and count toward the storage limit.
  • Backup copies of your YouTrack database do not count toward the storage limit.

By default, we provide the following amount of storage according to your current plan:

Plan  Storage limits 
Trial 10 GB 
Free for 10 users 5 GB 
15 users  10 GB 
25 users  15 GB 
50 users  20 GB 
100 users  25 GB 
500 users  50 GB 
2,000 users  100 GB 

We also offer personal solutions that support more than 2,000 users. For more information, contact our sales team

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This does not explain how to proceed.

We have less than 90 users (many are just watchers) yet we ran out of space

1) How do we add more storage space if we don't need more users?

2) How do we find if anyone has uploaded large files (for example a massive video file that we can delete)?

3) Is there a way to bulk-delete all mp4 attachments?

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This doesn't tell us how to go about detecting where storage is being consumed, and how to go about deleting them.


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