Using SSL Version of YouTrack InCloud

In YouTrack InCloud, by default, SSL is enabled and supported in all commercial subscription plans. Free subscription plan does not support SSL connection.

To use SSL version of YouTrack InCloud (including secure links in notifications), you need to correct the baseURL setting of your YouTrack instance:

  1. Open Administration > Domain Settings section
  2. Click the link below the baseURL field to edit it, and change your non-secure URL http://<your_domain> to the SSL version: https://<your_domain>

When done, you will have SSL version enabled, but non-secure links will still be available for users as well.

If you want to force using SSL-only version of your YouTrack InCloud instance, you should enable the HTTPS only option on the Administration > Domain Settings page. Non-secure access to your server via HTTP will be disabled.

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