How do I delete a user from my project's Team?

A user becomes a member of a project's team, if the user is added there either directly or together with the user group added to the project team.

To delete an individual user from the Team:

  1. For individuals included in the team one can just remove them by clicking Remove user or group dropdown on a project team view.
  2. Next, select the user in the dropdown to get it removed from the team.

To delete a user from the Team, if he's included via group:

  • One option would be to remove the whole user groups from the team. The process is very similar to removing an individual user described above.
  • The option option is to exclude a user from the group. This may have unwanted side effects, e.g. permission loss, so proceed with care.

Please note, that removing a user from team may remove Developer role from a user if the role is not granted in some other way.

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