Support Workflow and Response SLAs

Response SLAs

We provide support to everyone, free customers, commercial customers, as well as a trial customers. So don’t hesitate to contact us if you need any help. We have an internal SLAs, which means that we’re targeting to answer all tickets in the specified time frame during our business hours. 

Response Time

We promise to respond to your ticket within one business day via the main support channel ZenDesk. Our business hours are from 10am - 6pm CET. Our support team is located in Germany and Russia. Sometimes during national holidays it might take a little bit longer.

Response Time According to the Request and Customer Type



First Response Time/Next Response Time



Trial & Paid Enterprise 
Critical Critical 2h/4h 2h/4h 2h/4h
  • System hangs or crashes.
  • InCloud instance is down.
  • Significant performance degradation.
  • Critical functionality not available.
  • Data loss or data corruption.
  • Critical issue on production.
  • Preventing business operation.
  • Large number of end users blocked from work.





Significant 4h/6h 4h/6h 3h/5h
  • Some system functions not available.
  • Minor performance degradation.
  • Small number of users impacted.
  • Major issue on production.
  • Large number of users affected,but they are able to work.




Normal/Minor 5h/6h 4h/6h 4h/5h
  • Incorrect product behavior without impact.
  • Migration from other tracker failed or passed with problems. 
  • Issue causes partial or non critical loss of functionality.
  • Small number of users affected.





  • Product question or enhancement.


  • No loss of functionality caused.





Support Channels

Zendesk is our main support channel. For the immediate attention to your problem, please make sure you submit a request in our support system.

We’re paying attention to “Urgent”, “SOS” etc name of the tickets and process them faster, if it’s necessary.

Other Channels

Community Forum

Feel free to ask questions or share your feedback. Please surf the forum for the topic you’re interested in before creating a new one.


Use @YouTrack Twitter channel for quick questions. Please keep in mind that the response is limited to 280 symbols as well.

Issue Tracker

This channel is mostly used for filling bugs and feature requests. Issue tracker is handled by the development team, so cannot be considered as a main support channel. If you’re not sure whether it’s a bug or support request, please file a request and we’ll turn it into bug, if required.


You are welcome to post comments to blog posts. However, blog is ruled by our Product Marketing team, so it’s more opened to the How to? When? and Why? questions.


Provide us with data to help faster

To reduce the time we need to investigate the problem please add the following data to your request:

  1. Product distribution type: ZIP/JAR/MSI/cloud hosted version.
  2. Full product version, e.g. 2017.4.38030. When using several linked JB products don't hesitate to list them all.
  3. Log files (if applicable) and HAR file. Please locate them following the instructions.
  4. Screencast, screenshots or a list of steps to reproduce the issue will be appreciated.


Involve Developers

In some cases the request needs additional investigation by a Developer. Normally this happens after the initial research is done by a Support Engineer. This may take a few days, though you’ll be notified about the investigation status.


Please note, that this SLA applies only for our main support channel via ZenDesk. There is no SLA for issues created in, questions in the community forum, slack community, and other channels.

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