What are the default access permissions for guest users?

YouTrack InCloud: in instances that use new per-user subscription plans, by default, the guest account is banned. Guest users can't read issues or comments in any project.

In instances that use the old free 10-user plan, the guest account is always enabled. The guest account cannot be banned or deleted, and it has the 'Read Issue' and 'Read Comment' permissions that cannot be revoked in all projects.

These permissions allow anonymous users to view:

  • any issue
  • any comment
  • name, description, and logo of any project


YouTrack Standalone: by default, the guest account doesn't have any role in any project. Guest users don't have permissions to read any issue or comment in any project.

The guest account is either banned or enabled, depending on the option set during installation.


Any YouTrack instance:

To view the actual permissions that are currently set for guest accounts:

  1. In the Access Management section of the Administration menu, select Users.
  2. Click the link for the guest account.
  3. Select the Roles tab.
  4. Select a role in the list and view the list of permissions in the sidebar.


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