How do I grant guest users permission to view my public projects?

With the default setup, the guest user is granted the Observer role in the Global project. If you want to restrict access to one or more projects in YouTrack, you need to revoke this role assignment.

As a result, guest users don't have access to any of your projects. If you want to make some of your projects available to the public, you can restore access to the guest account on a per-project basis.

  1. In the Access Management section of the Administration menu, select Groups.
  2. Select the All Users group. This is a predefined group that controls permissions for all users, including guests.
  3. Select the Roles tab.
  4. Click the Grant role button.
  5. In the Grant Role dialog, select Observer from the Role drop-down list, and select your public projects from the list ofprojects.
  6. Click the Grant role button.

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