What to do if you can't assign an issue to a user

If you encounter this problem, the user is probably not on the list of assignees for the project. This means that the user doesn't belong to any of the groups that have been added to the Assignee field and have not been added as an individual user. To solve this problem, the project or system administrator should follow these steps: 

  • Add you to a group that is included in the list of assignees for the project.
  • Add your user account as an individual assignee in the project.

Both of these actions are performed on the Fields tab of the Edit Project page. For more information, see Manage Assignees.

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I have no idea why we have this level of complexity to assign a card.
This has been driving me crazy this morning.

When a team is assigned to a project, they should just be able to be assigned to a card.

Yeah, really not a nice UX.

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Honestly if the UX makes me feel stupid and frustrated then there is something wrong with the UX.


The expected behavior of this field should be to auto-assign all team members that are above a certain priviledge to "assignees", and let the admin to manipulate it later. Unfortunately, the field does not allow a choice like "members except low privilidges". Since observers can not assign the tasks to themselves anyway, I don't think this should prevent adding all the team group to this field, similar to the project owner users. Then the project admin can remove users from the field as deemed fit.


I agree with the comments above. I have added a user in the role Developer to the project, and I still can not assign a task to him, and right now, I have no idea why. I will read this note to try to work it out, but this is really getting in my way.


Ok, this is insane. Edit a field, it turns out that the value on this field is a group which a default of nothing, so assign it to a group. What? Why is the ability to assign a task simply not inherited from the role? What is the point of a role called Developer if you can't assign tasks to it? 


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