How to create an issue template

The fastest way to report multiple issues that are similar to one another is to generate an issue template URL.

  1. Open the New Issue page and define all of the attributes that you want to use for the collection of issues. Set the desired values for custom fields, add tags, enter a summary, and include optional text for the description.
  2. Before you report the issue, click the Generate issue template URL link, then copy the link to the clipboard.
  3. Click the Create button to report the original issue.
  4. Paste the issue template URL into the address bar of your browser.
  5. Click the Create button to report the second issue.

Repeat steps 4 and 5 until you've created all of the issues that you want to work with. 

For more information, see Generate an Issue Template URL.

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Do you have a plan to add project-wide Task templates for each Task type?

Issue template link is better than nothing, but it's hard to keep it updated when work in team - all information is stored inside Url and we have to share new link each time we have to change template. 

Also, more useful option can be to use static template link that will lead to template.


I totally aggree to Evgeny: we are planning to migrate from GitLab Issues to YouTrack because of the great IntelliJ IDEA integration. GitLab offers Issue templates and they are used frequently in our projects. Sending out links to reporters doesn't work in our workflow. Binding templates to issue types should be the way to go from my point of view.


Perhaps the Workflow Default Description might be relevant for such scenario as well:


I find myself going back and forth between going back to Jira (or find a different tracking tool) or stay on Youtrack. Sure, Youtrack is much cheaper for more than 10 users but it will require a way more work from Product owners when creating issues and adding all details for a complete story.

The generate template url does work for a use very basic styling but the moment you try to add highlights it gets complicated and a bit frustrating if you want keep a space after the highlighted text.

I wish and hope Youtrack team would consider this, unless they hit a no more new feature and if so I would love to know that.


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