YouTrack Server vs. YouTrack Cloud

Which YouTrack edition suits you better, YouTrack Cloud or YouTrack Server?

Most YouTrack features are available in both editions, Server and Cloud. However, there are some differences that you need to keep in mind when deciding which edition to buy.


Licensing and Updates


YouTrack Server

YouTrack Cloud

Free license tier

10 users 10 users

Per-user pricing

Not available Available




YouTrack Server

YouTrack Cloud


You host your YouTrack installation yourselves.  A cloud YouTrack instance is hosted on an AWS server.


You decide whether to configure data encryption. We encrypt all data at rest.


You need to secure your connection yourselves. We issue a Let's Encrypt certificate automatically and replace it every 90 days. Allowed protocols and cipher suites are revised regularly to match contemporary security standards.

Public IP

You decide whether to enclose YouTrack with the local network or to make it accessible over the internet. We provide a range of IP addresses based on the data center location.


You configure email and Jabber notifications yourselves. We provide preconfigured email and Jabber services.


Support and Maintenance


YouTrack Server

YouTrack Cloud


You perform upgrades yourselves. Our DevOps team performs upgrades as soon as there is a new version available.


You do any maintenance job yourselves. Our DevOps team performs maintenance jobs for you.


You need to set up a schedule for regular backups yourselves.

If you've lost your data, we can't help restore it.

We have a backup policy. All backups are made automatically and stored on our servers.

Our DevOps team can provide you access to any backup and/or roll back your instance to a backup.


You monitor your YouTrack installation yourselves. We monitor YouTrack Cloud servers and assign more resources when needed to ensure scalability and performance. 

Troubleshooting and support

Troubleshooting requires communication with our support team. We are able to resolve issues faster and with less communication involved. We fix some issues without customers even noticing them.




YouTrack Server

YouTrack Cloud

Integrations with other applications in a local environment

You can set up an integration with a local server (for example, Active Directory, self-hosted GitLab, or self-hosted GitHub) if this server is located in the same network as your YouTrack Server installation or if it's publicly accessible.

You need to make sure that your network doesn't block connections between your server and YouTrack.

You can only set up an integration with a local server (for example, Active Directory, self-hosted GitLab, or self-hosted GitHub) if you open this server to the public or at least add the YouTrack IP range to the whitelist.

Slack integration

Slack integration is available only if:

  • your YouTrack installation is secured with an SSL/TSL certificate signed by a known authority;
  • your server infrastructure allows connections outside your internal network.

Link previews are not available.

Slack integration is fully available out of the box.

Upsource integration

Available Not available

External Hub

Available Not available

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