Can I integrate YouTrack with TestLodge?

An integration between YouTrack and TestLodge lets you:

  • Automatically create an issue when a test case fails in TestLodge. The description, steps to reproduce, expected result, and actual result are all submitted to YouTrack. Each failed test case is then linked directly to the created issue. 
  • Automatically resolve a linked issue as Fixed when the test is re-run and closed as successful.

To learn more about this integration, take a look at this short video provided by TestLodge.

Configure the Integration

Assuming that your YouTrack instance is running and your projects are already configured, you can enable the integration in TestLodge. This procedure requires multiple permissions. Use an account that is granted the System Admin role.

To enable the integration in TestLodge:

  1. Open the Settings of your TestLodge instance and switch to the Issue Tracker Integration tab.
  2. In the Select Your Issue Tracker section, select YouTrack in the drop-down list.
  3. Specify the base URL of the YouTrack instance. For example:
  4. Provide the username and password to access YouTrack. To grant access to all of the projects that are available in YouTrack, we recommend that you use an account that is granted the System Admin role.
  5. Associate a project in TestLodge with a project in YouTrack:
  • Open the Overview tab of a project in TestLodge and then open its Settings page.
  • Click the See a list of your YouTrack projects link and, in the displayed list, select a project to associate with the current TestLodge project.
    The identifier of the selected project is inserted into the YouTrack project Id field. 
  • By default, issues in YouTrack will be created automatically for the failed tests. To let a QA engineer choose whether an issue should be created or not, switch to the Issue Tracker tab and select the desired option.

When finished, save your changes.

Using the Integration

When the integration is configured, the workflow basically looks as follows:

  1. Run a test case in TestLodge.
  2. Check that the option to create an issue (ticket) in YouTrack is enabled.
  3. If you mark the test as failed, a new issue with the complete details of the test case and direct link to it is created.
  4. Once all the tickets have been resolved, switch back to TestLodge and verify the fixes by re-running any failed tests.

Latest Verified Version

The integration between YouTrack and TestLodge is provided and supported by the TestLink Development TeamIf you experience problems with this integration when using the latest version of either YouTrack or TestLodge, please report them here.


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