Can I integrate YouTrack with timeBro?

timeBro runs on your computer and automatically logs the time you spend working in different application windows and browser tabs. These timed sessions are then displayed in a timeline where you can attribute them to different tasks, so you can be sure your billable time is always accounted for. 

Integration with YouTrack allows you to quickly link your billable activities to specific YouTrack tasks without watching the clock or using a stopwatch.



How to integrate YouTrack with timeBro

You need to have an active YouTrack installation and at least project administrator permissions in the project you’re working on.


You need to perform the following steps in YouTrack:


You need to perform the following steps in timeBro:

  • Create a timeBro account (with a 2-week free trial), select YouTrack in the list of options, and enter your YouTrack address.
  • On the next screen you can invite users to your timeBro account (this is optional – you can return to this step later in your profile settings). 
  • Download, install, and launch the timeBro application.
  • Log in  using the email address and password for your timeBro account.
  • Enter the permanent access token you created in YouTrack.
  • Follow the instructions in the timeBro application to import tasks from YouTrack. 


With timeBro running on your computer, the time you spend working in different applications will be logged automatically. 


Go to Time Tracking in timeBro to link these work sessions to your YouTrack tasks, and then hit the “Export time entries” button to update your YouTrack tasks with time-tracking information.

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