All the users are shown as anonymized

If users can't see real usernames and instead they see all the other users as Anonymized-XXXX, then it means that such users don't have a permission to view other users.

If that's not intended, a system admin should grant such users a 'Read User Basic' permission. For that, proceed to Settings → Roles → Open users' role → Make sure that the role has the 'Read User Basic' permission enabled in the Hub tab:


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Hi, does 'Read User Basic' have other consequences? I see in the documentation it would allow listing all users in a group. We cannot allow that because all users (from different companies, so they must not see each other) belong to the 'Registered Users' group. Nevertheless I tested with a normal user and I can't find a way to list users, but please can you confirm it? Thanks.


I have the same question as Max. Could you please answer it


Hi Max and Christoph,

Please accept our apologies for the radio silence. "Read User Basic" permission that is responsible for showing usernames is a global one - it means if a user is granted the "Read User Basic" permission, they will be able to view basic information for any user account in the system.

However, we have a plan to allow using organizations ( to scope user visibility. There is no ETA yet, I'm afraid. 

If it doesn't answer your question, would you mind elaborating a bit and providing some examples of what you are trying to achieve? Thank you.

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