Can I integrate YouTrack with Unreal Engine?

With Unreal Engine, you can bring amazing real-time experiences to life using the world’s most advanced 3D creation tool. Unreal Engine features a high degree of portability, supporting a wide range of desktop, mobile, console, and virtual reality platforms.

LadyBug Tracker is a plugin that integrates YouTrack with Unreal Engine. The plugin lets you report, view, and edit issue details directly inside the Unreal Engine editor. Browse issues without leaving the level viewport. Report a bug right from the editor and the game itself. Create blueprints that automatically report bugs for you. Gather feedback and bugs from users in the released game.

For more technical details, please refer to the LadyBug Tracker documentation.

How to Integrate YouTrack with Unreal Engine

  1. Purchase the plugin from the Unreal Engine Marketplace.
  2. Open the Epic Games Launcher and install the plugin in the engine.
  3. Open your project and enable the plugin.
    • From the Edit > Plugins menu, select the Bug Tracker category.
    • Select the Enabled checkbox for LadyBug Tracker.
  4. Restart the Unreal Editor. After restart, the LadyBug Tracker is available as a tab for Unreal Editor. This tab is available from the Instrumentation section of the Tools menu.
  5. Launch the LadyBug Tracker plugin and open the Settings menu.
  6. For the Provider, select YouTrack, then enter the web address (base URL) for your YouTrack site in the Host input field. Click the Test button to verify the connection.
  7. Log in to the YouTrack service using an API token. First, click the Change login settings button in the Login section of the plugin settings.
  8. In the Bug Tracker Login dialog, enter the username for your YouTrack account as the Login, then paste the value for a permanent token into the Token field. Click the Create Token button to navigate directly to the Account Security settings in your YouTrack profile.mceclip7.png
    This token scope must allow access to the YouTrack and YouTrack Administration services.
    To learn how to generate a permanent token for use with this integration, please refer to the YouTrack documentation.
  9. The LadyBug Tracker required two fields for storing integration data: Camera and Level. These fields store information about where the issue was reported.
    • Open YouTrack and navigate to the Fields settings for the project you want to integrate with Unreal Engine.
    • Add two string-type fields for Camera and Level to the project.
      To learn more about adding custom fields to a project in YouTrack, please refer to the YouTrack documentation.
  10. Switch to Unreal Engine and open the Project section of the settings for the LadyBug Tracker plugin, then select the project you want to integrate with from the Project list. mceclip9.png

Using the LadyBug Tracker Plugin

The LadyBug Tracker provides lots of features to help develop and increase your product quality. Two more common actions are reporting and browsing issues. For more information, read the official documentation.

Reporting issues

There are several ways to report issues. You can report issues directly from the editor or while playing the game. You can do it manually or automatically using blueprint scripts.  Bugs can be reported by the QA team/developers or players in the shipped game.

Here's the easiest way to report an issue:

  1. Click the Game Issue button in the header.
  2. Enter the issue summary and description in the General section and set the values for fields in the Custom Fields section of the form.
  3. Select which files you want to upload in the Attachments section.
  4. Click the Submit Issue button at the bottom of the form.

Browsing Issues

To browse through the list of issues that have been reported in your project, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Download button in the header to get the list of issues from YouTrack.
  2. Select an issue from the list.
  3. Click the Goto button at the bottom of the Details panel to open the level at the location where the issue was reported.


Latest Verified Version

The integration between YouTrack and Unreal Engine is provided and supported by the developer for the LadyBug Tracker plugin. If you experience problems with this integration when using the latest version of either YouTrack or LadyBug Tracker, please report them in Discord.

The setup and functionality described here were verified by the developer of the LadyBug Tracker plugin in the following software environment:

  • YouTrack Cloud version 2022.2.57431
  • Unreal Engine version 4.27, 5.0


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