Several Helpdesk Projects: Reporter account for specific helpdesk and not all helpdesks


we do have several customers and therefore want to create one helpdesk project for each customer.

The problem is when creating reporter accounts every reporter can post issues to every project and see the respective knowledge bases. Maybe we overlooked it but how can we give reporters permissions to only be able to post issues to one specific helpdesk project and not the others?

Thanks, Tony

Official comment

Hi Tony!

Thank you for your question.

In YouTrack Helpdesk, there is no way to change permissions for different groups of reporters. Each reporter has the same set of permissions granted to them, and each reporter can report tickets to every helpdesk project in YouTrack.

The main idea of the helpdesk is that reporting tickets should be possible and easy for anyone, even without registration or special permissions.

The same applies to the public KB articles -- they are accessible to all external users. If you restrict the visibility of an article, it won't be visible to any reporter.

If you need to separate a subset of helpdesk projects from another, I can only suggest maintaining several YouTracks, one for each group of projects. In this case, all external users can still report tickets to all projects, but these projects will be grouped according to your needs. To report a ticket to a project from a particular project set, a reporter would need to use a different URL or a different online form.

I hope this helps. Please let us know if you have any further questions; we'll be happy to answer.

We are a custom software shop. We too have many customers, none of which should be able to see or post to each others projects. Furthermore, we have so many workflows and external systems that push and pull data into an out of our YouTrack system, that maintaining multiple YouTracks is a non-starter. I would like to suggest that support be added to restrict a given user to the project they were initiated by unless overridden by an admin. Until then, I we are forced to purchase and maintain an external system to handle our helpdesk needs.

Thanks, Matt


Hi Matt. We plan to implement access restrictions for specific reporters in private helpedsk project, in the scope of: JT-75656 Privacy problems with reporters in Helpdesk projects. This feature is currently being implemented, and the approximate ETA is QI 2024. Feel free to vote for this feature or mark it with a star to receive updates.


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