Switching language to german: Constrains validation exception. Causes: 1: Localized name should be unique

Currently on Build 27777 - when we switch the language to german, we reveice javascript errors after a while, preventing us from creating tickets, entering time-tracking or generally selecting lists or doing anything important.

To see if this was a problem with that build version, I downloaded the newest and upgraded to Build 29566.

Now I can not switch languages in the Global settings page. The error I receive is:

Constrains validation exception. Causes: 1: Localized name should be unique



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Official comment

Hello! Sorry for the delay. Did you localize the UI yourself or do you just want to select our predefined German locale?

Could you please send us the full logs (as per p.1 here: https://youtrack-support.jetbrains.com/hc/en-us/articles/206546369-When-we-ask-you-to-provide-additional-details-logs-database-HAR-etc-)?

You can submit a support request and attach the logs there. Thank you very much.

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Hello, I used the default built in german locale.

At first it complained about 3 custom fields already existing - I renamed these - and then it continued, only to come up with the Causes: 1: Localized name should be unique error.

In the logs, specifically 'youtrack-stdout.log' it shows the following BundlesTranslator errors, probably caused by the different custom enum words:

"Offen", "In Bearbeitung", "Duplikat", "Epic", "Aufgabe", "Bug" und "Erledigt":

Each one causes the following error in the logs file:

ERROR [BundlesTranslator] [ionJobProcessor] [init] Cannot translate  enum with name 'Erledigt' because enum with that name exist


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Hello, I'm sorry for the delay again.

To find the reason behind that error, please send me screenshots from all the custom fields that you have on your instance.

Proceed to Administration > Custom fields > Fields list, select each field in the list and make a screenshot.

Please send these screenshots to youtrack-feedback@jetbrains.com


Thank you.


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