How you manage projects?

I wonder how other companies manage their projects and if anyone has any advice for me.

We develop n products.

One is the main product, all other products are "add-ons" and they follow their own versioning.

We also have an additional project for "general activities" which may cover one or more of our products.

The team is one: we don't have a team for each product.

At the moment, each product has his own project in YouTrack and I think this should stay as is.

Then we have 3 boards:

- Management, dealing only with epics swimlanes, with user stories as cards

- Development, user stories as swimlanes, with tasks as cards

- Bugs

We also have a very complex and convoluted set of workflow rules I'm panning to get rid of and replace with some very basic rules.

Now I'm thinking if I should review our projects settings.

One idea could be to have a generic "Development" project, add a "Product" field and move there all the Epic, User Story and Task tickets.

Then, all product-specific project will only contain bugs, exception and similar tickets, as well as "feature" type tickets, which would be linked to one or more user story from the "Development" project.

However, before doing this and getting stuck to an even more complicated workflow (and getting a lot of hate from my team which keeps seeing the workflow changing every now and then), I'd like to get some feedback from who has more experience than me with agile development and project management.

I would also like to know how others manage their project, regardless it matches my needs.


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At Zopa each team create a project for each major product iteration or exploration they work on (Rebranding? Project! New signup flow? Project! Moving a bunch of functionality to a microservice? Project!), and each team also maintains a BAU (business as usual) backlog for any non-project work.

Our issue types are Bug, Fire, Task, Technical Story, Functional Story and Spike. (as well as Milestones, which is sort of a mega-epic as a swimlane)

A project will contain a big mix of these.

After a project is launched and any early production bugs are fixed, teams then continue work on maintaining the product through their BAU Backlog project.


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