Multiline text box for acceptance criteria: How to add a text box fields similar to the description.



We would like to be able to add a multiline text box so we can call out our acceptance criteria in addition to keeping the out of the box description field. Can this be done in Youtrack?

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Hi Greg, unfortunately it's not possible in YouTrack yet.
Please feel free to vote for this request: or for this one: Votes for these feature requests are counted together, so it doesn't matter which one to vote.
Let me know if you have any further questions, thank you.

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Thank you..


General question.. How do users input their acceptance criteria now with Youtrack? What is the best practice today?


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Hi Greg, at the moment we can only recommend to list the acceptance criteria in the summary of your issues. Please note that you can always use Wiki Markup in your issues' summaries:


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