'Unkown Error" when upscaling the display.

Hello everyone.

I've having a strange issue with my Agile Board : 

When i want to upscale my board (from S to L), in order to see the tags I put on my different tasks... Nothing happens exept a message "Unkown Error".

Stranger thing is, it works smoothly for one of my coworkers. But the other one has the same problem as i have...

Did someone face that issue ? Can you help me please?

Thanks a lot !

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Hi Joris, could you please tell, do you see any errors in the browser console when you see this error? Which browser are you using, which version?

Do you use an InCloud YouTrack? If no, which standalone build are you using?


Thank you.

Using Chrome.
If  it can help :


Also, we are not using Incloud, we are using a local server.

Thanks again



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