Is there a way to try/catch in workflows?



I'm looking to further automate some of YouTrack, but am running into a problem.

We use a pattern of Owner / Assignees, where the business owner of an issue is the "Owner" (single field of type user) and the Assignees can be multiple (user, accepting multiple values).

Essentially, I want the default value of Owner toi be populated on issue creation, but only if the loggedInUser is in the available set of values of Owner.

Currently my workflow throws an exception if the ticket creator is not in the set of values available for Owner.

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Orrin, in our current workflow scheme it isn't possible, unfortunately.

We're preparing new workflows to be released as EAP soon, please watch the announces in our blog: In our new workflows it will be possible 1) to check if some user is in the set of Assignees and 2) to try/catch.

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