How to split up Estimation times between assignees ?

Hello !

I am trying to split the estimation times between the assignee of this task.

Exemple : I have a task with 2 people on it, estimated with 2days of work. But, the reality is that the 1st dev.  is planned to work 1.5 days on it, and the other 0.5 day.

I would like to avoid cloning the tasks, because some of our issues have 4 or 5 assignees, so it would make wayyy to much issues to handle.


Thanks for your help.

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Hello Joris, it's not possible in YouTrack. sorry.

The only thing I can come up with is to create several Estimation fields for different stages of your workflow, for example, Development Estimation, Testing Estimation etc.

However, you can only have one Estimation field set in your Time Tracking settings, so probably this won't be a perfect solution.

Please let us know if you have any further questions, we'll be happy to help.

Ok Thanks.


Then is there a report i can create to have the Estimated Time per user for the current sprint ?

(and if so, how does it handle multi assignees? with a faire split maybe?)




Joris, which one from our reports do you have in mind?

Btw, how do you handle multi assignees? Do you have multiple Assignee fields?


Hi ! Sorry for the delay.


The thing is that i don't know wich type of report could do the trick. I tried a lot, but didn't find one that suited my needs. I just want to know, at the end of our sprint planning, "alright, how much worktime to we have planned for each one of us" ? Am i clear ? (always harder to explain in english, sorry).

I think i handled multi assignee the good way, as i followed your tutorial, and i works kinda smoothly. I have tasks with 3 or 4 assignees attached. But maybe i missed something?


Actually we don't have an estimation report yet, but we're planning to add one in the nearest future, please subscribe to this issue in our tracker to be notified of the updates:


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