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I've integrated my Gitlab server to Youtrack, and commits appear are linked as they should in the YouTrack issues.

However, when viewing a commit message or a comment in Gitlab referencing a YouTrack issue, there is no link to go to this issue in YouTrack.

There was a blog post about an extension doing that for Github -> YouTrack (h ttps:// ), but it doesn't support GitLab.

Is this feature planned to be added ?


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NVM, I've found than you can do that in Services / Custom Issue Tracker of the Gitlab Project.

It might be useful to tell that you have to configure that in GitLab in the documentation : (or is it supposed to be automatically done when adding a gitlab integration from YouTrack ?)

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Hello, I'm sorry for the delay.

Thank you for sharing these details! I've passed this information to our documentation team, they'll update the docs.

Please let us know if you have any further questions.

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I'm looking for the same thing as author described. I've already found ths "custom issue tracker" on Gitlab integrations page. But youtrack documentations says nothing about "how" to configure. There is only this information:

"To set YouTrack issue IDs as links in GitLab commit messages, you need to configure this feature in GitLab. To locate this option, access the Integrations page in your GitLab project settings and select Custom Issue Tracker from the Project services list."

Nothing about values, which should be filled in to the fields on gitlab page. This is my configuration:


The problem is : urls are "wrongly" created in gitlab.
When i push commit in schema : [ProjectName]-[Number] e.g. MPR-123 --> url, that is created in gitlab is :

http://[Youtrack_url]/Issue/123 where it should be http://[Youtrack_url]/issue/MPR-123

Anyone know how to fix it ?

I'm using
- GitLab Community Edition 9.5.4
- YouTrack 2017.3 (build #37328)


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