Reorder enum values for sorting

I reordered the enum values in my "state" field but when querying and ordering by "state" then it's still ordering by the previous order of fields.

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Hi, Daniel!

How exactly did you reorder values? Can you check, if the values are ordered correctly or not in admin UI? 

Hi Anna!

I reordered the values in the "/admin/editProject/" screen. The values are ordered correctly everywhere where you can open the dropdown and select them.

I did this with my Demo project. The project's fields are not yet associated with the global values for "state" or any other field, because testing.

So I clicked on "state" and just dragged the values to the new order. Now when ordering by "state" in the project's overview "/issues?q=Projekt:%20Sandkasten( apply localized order by string here )" it's still giving me the issues ordered by the previous order.


Seems like my issue resolved itself again. The queried issues in my demo project are now ordered correctly.

I guess there's some sort of refresh cycle?


In your another message you've mentioned, that you've upgraded YouTrack to newer build. Did you observe wrong behaviour before this upgrade? 


No, the issues addressed in this post happened after the upgrade, using the latest version.


Then we'll investigate the issue. Thank you for reporting!


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