VCS YouTrack User does not match GitHub user


VCS is working fine for my projects and hooked in correctly. The commands in my commit messages are recognized, but are not executed due to my YouTrack Account not recognizing my GitHub Account. I did try to add my GitHub account in "VCS user names" but that had no effect on the error message. 

  1. I have gone into
    "User Profile" > "Change login, password, avatar & contact data" >  "VCS user names"
    In here a set a new line for each variant of my GitHub account.

  2. Under  "VCS user names" I have set my GitHub username, email, and Display name but Keep getting the message:

    "Could not resolve YouTrack user. Could not find YouTrack user that matches GitHub user."
  3. When I try to run a common on my commit to change the state of my task (#CODE-123 Done"). The VCS is links fine to my project and I see all commits when I enter hash then ticket ID in my commits, but the command fail, because of the above error. Anyone have insight as to what I'm missing here?


Thanks in advance for any insight into this issue. Been pulling my hair out on this.

Liubov Melnikova
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Could you please check, if there is more than one user with the same e-mail in your YouTrack?

Thanks for the tip, here's what I see.

  1. Confirmed that the email is linked to a singleYouTrack account.

  2. I noticed that my YouTrack and GitHub emails were different (but necessary). For Kicks, I changed my YouTrack email to match my GitHub email. It worked a little better but still have unexpected results:

    a) matching the email accounts seem to work in removing the "Could not resolve YouTrack User..." alert. 

    b) But this raises the question of why "VCS user names" (noted in the original post) did not link my GitHub User account with my YouTrack account. There will be other folks in my organization that will not have matching emails for YouTrack and GitHub.

    c) Even though there no more alert. The command "DONE", did not change the "Sate" of my task. Note there is a state called "Done" in the dropdown. There is no error message or alert to indicate whey this command did not work. See screenshot.

Thanks again




When I went to and "Add email address" added my YouTrack email to GitHub, then confirmed my email (GitHub Confirmation for this new email), it seemed to work as expected.

What still confused me is the purpose: "User Profile" > "Change login, password, avatar & contact data" >  "VCS user names". Can you let me know what this is for if not to link my GitHub Username to my account?

Liubov Melnikova



VCS user names are for GitHub Auth module, so you can login with your GitHub credentials.


Is there documentation on this (GitHub Auth module)? I set in my usernames but not sure how to use this or what added (if any) features this would provide outside hooking the project to the GitHub repositories.

Note all is working as expected now, just trying to build an understanding of this feature.



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