Workflow to change state if comment aviable from account ""


We use the YouTrack as helpdesk also. If the helpdesk user write a comment, the user will get it via email. And if the user answers, we get it as comment in YouTrack.

The problem is, if the issue has the state "fixed" and we get a new comment from the user, the state will not change. Therefore I plan to create a new workflow for this. But it's the first time and we can not use the workflow software since dosn't work with our proxy.

I'm locking for a code snipped for the workflow.

Maybe like this:


when comments.added.for.YouTrackSystemAccount {
  if (comments.from.SystemAccount("YouTrackSystemAccount") && State = Fixed {
    State = {Reopen};
  } else if (comments.from.SystemAccount("YouTrackSystemAccount") && State = In Progress {
    State = {In Progress};
  } else {
    State = {Submitted};


Liubov Melnikova
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Do you use standalone or InCloud YouTrack? I'd recommend you to use our new experimental workflow editor, built-in with YouTrack in 2017.2 version. That'd be easier.

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We use YouTrack 6.0 in our own server and looking for a code snipped for the workflow. Additional please send me the link to the experimental workflow editor please.

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Rene, could you please clarify a bit, are you able to use our standalone WF Editor or do you have any issues with it? if you can't use it, then I don't see much sense in sharing a code snippet here because you won't be able to edit it and make a proper workflow from it anyway. If you are using the WF Editor, then what's the issue with the code that you've pasted before?

Just in case, please note that usually we don't write workflows for our customers, unfortunately. We can help you with your code if you point out the errors though.

If you upgrade your instance to the version 2017.2 (if your license allows it), then you'll be able to use our build-in browser workflow editor:

Please let us know how we can help you further.


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