YourTrack, TeamCity and incorrect "Fixed In Build"


this is my scenario. I have a GIT repository for a project which have two branches "master" and "dev". Bob was working to implement a new feature and then pushed his changes to the "dev" branch. In the meanwhile, Alice finished to work on some minor bugs and pushed her changed to the "master" branch. Bob and Alice, set their related tickets in YouTrack as "Fixed" (for this we use You Track VCS integration and commands in commit messages). The ticket assigned to Bob was: TT-100, while the ticket assigned to Alice was TT-101.

We integrated YouTrack (hosted in your server) with TeamCity (hosted in one of our server). At the end of the day, TeamCity made two builds, one for the "master" branch and one for the "dev" branch (TeamCity has a "trig" to make new build at the end of the working day) but it put an incorrect build number in the "Fixed in build" field!

I expected that in the ticket TT-100 the "Fixed in build" was the one related to the "master" branch build and that in the ticket TT-101 the "Fixed in build" was the one related to the "dev" branch. Instead, "Fixed in build" was set to the same value and this is not correct because it seems that the "master" build also includes the new feature in which Bob was working on!

For us It is extremely important to show to our clients which bug fixes/features are included in a specific build and we also need to track this information using our tracking system. If it is not possible to implement scenario like this using YouTrack/TeamCity, I think we'll need to change tracking/CI system.

I'm testing this scenario using the "Run" button in TeamCity (to start the building process of specific branches). Is it a bug or we are doing something wrong? Any suggestions?

We use the latest version of YouTrack (2017.2) ant the latest version of TeamCity (2017.1.1). YouTrack and TeamCity seems correctly configured.

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Hello, thanks for reaching out! Could you please share screenshots of your TeamCity integration settings?

Also please tell the exact build numbers of YouTrack and TeamCity that you're using.

Thank you.

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