Logical operations in issue search (backlog query)

 Hi there,

I'm trying to create backlog-query for agile board of projects LCBE and SA...  query should display:
1. all issues out of the board
has: -{Board LCIT-ScrumBoard} #LCBE #SA
2. all issues, attached to the board, but not visible in columns because of state (I don't see any other opportunity to get them)
has: {Board LCIT-ScrumBoard} #LCBE #SA State: -Open, -Fixed, -{In Progress}, -Verified 

Is it possible to union these queries with OR operation?
(has: -{Board LCIT-ScrumBoard} #LCBE #SA) or (has: {Board LCIT-ScrumBoard} #LCBE #SA State: -Open, -Fixed, -{In Progress}, -Verified ) 
returns only first sub-query result.

Best Regards,

Liubov Melnikova
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I'd recommend to try the following query:

 #LCBE #SA has: -{Board LCIT-ScrumBoard} or (has: {Board LCIT-ScrumBoard} State: -Open, -Fixed, -{In Progress}, -Verified ) 

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How Can I use the Less than < and Grater than > operators in the Issue Filter query?

I want to look at all the issues with Estimation > 1w (1 Week)

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Hello Kiran, thanks for your question.

Unfortunately, it's not possible to use these operators with YouTrack search queries. With most of the custom field types, you can search for ranges of values instead, for example, `fixed in: 1.3 .. 1.5`. However, the search by a range of values is not supported yet for the period-type fields, unfortunately. Please feel free to vote/comment this feature request in our tracker: https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/JT-58255


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