Show only unresolved issue by default

When I'm searching issues (by tag, search keyword or whatever), the list contains both resolved and unresolved issues.

When I filter on #unresolved issues in a particular project, and I click on a tag, it only shows that tag and ignores both filters (unresolved and project). 

In many (not all) cases, it makes no sense to show already resolved issues. Please make it possible to hide resolved issues by default, for example by keep the filter settings when clicking on a tag.

And I'm not the only one:

Official comment

Here's the feature that we're going to implement for the new redesigned issue list:

Hello Stephan, I can recommend you to create saved searches, then you'll be able to search for #Unresolved issues or perform other searches in one click.

Also please feel free to file a feature request into our tracker:



Hi YouTrack,


I am actually looking for same. Our projects are still small, but when we have just 8 issues opened from 200 and it loads everything for everyone, it's annoying.


I'd like to be able to select default search which will appears after clicking on "Issues". Is that possible?

Thank you.




Hi Tom,

I can recommend you pretty much the same: create a saved search that would contain only #unresolved issues. When you click on 'Issues', the issue list opens with the last saved search that you've opened in YouTrack. So if you use your custom saved search (it can be quite simple actually, for example, just `#Unresolved` in the 'Everything' context), next time you click the 'Issues' link, you'll see only unresolved issues on the list.

More about saved searches you can learn here:


For me, it always opens with full list of the issues, not "last saved search". I saved the search already long time ago.


That's just a partial solution. If you click on a tag, the 'search request' changes to "tag: {tag}", not "#unresolved tag: {tag}".

Let me put it this way: I'd like to configure some defaults settings for all search requests. In >95% of the time I'd like to see "#unresolved sort by: Priority" with some other filter settings.


@Tomas, which YouTrack version are you using? If you'd like to investigate why your issue list doesn't remember the last saved search, please create a support request and share some more details there.

@Stephan, in YouTrack search, we don't use this approach, actually. We'd suggest creating several saved searches, each for its own purpose. Then you'll be able to check these searches with just one click. Anyway, please feel free to create a feature request in our tracker here:


I am using YouTrack in Cloud, currently it's build 55688.


Thanks! It's one of the latest release versions, so the issue shouldn't be related to the version.

If you'd like to investigate the issue, please create a support request and share some more details there:


@Liubov See

It's closed as a Won't Fix.

Please re-open this ticket, because the underlying use case hasn't been covered. 


@Stephan this issue will be covered by the feature:

Currently, we don't have plans to add a global setting for showing only unresolved issues, this will only be implemented as a filter on the new issue list.


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