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This is basically a duplicate entry of this questions from 2014, but 3 years have passed and I thought I give it another try:

For sprint planning, it is crucial to get the total estimated time in order to compare it to the time available in the sprint. As far as I can see, YouTrack only gives you that number for tickets that already have some Spend Time value. Even if I set the default value of Spend Time to 0, the simple sum of the estimated time is not calculated. Why? Can I see it anywhere else? Its such a simple task to sum up all the estimated times, isn't it? Is this a feature you plan to add in the near future?

*Edit*: To make this clear: We need at least a possibility to globally add a default value to the "Time Tracking" sub menu. If we could add something like "Create ticket -> 1m -> Documentation" to the "Time Tracking" sub menu, the number would be computed, but I can't find any option to add default values to that sub menu.





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Hello Thomas, please take a look at this tutorial:

You can configure the 'Estimation field' for the cards on your board, and then you'll see the estimations on the sprint.

Let me know if you have further questions. Thanks!

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