One Project - Different Views of a Board


we are using Kanban!

In our project we need different kinds of boards.

- Epic Board

- Release Board

- Task Board

- etc.


What I want to do, is that these different boards are automatically updated by state of an issue.

But I always fail with the creation of the board, because Youtrack creates a sprint (which we do not have) and you have to choose the sprint options, which are not helpful in this case.


So what is my mistake?




Jörg Fechner

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Hello Jorg!

Could you please elaborate, how exactly should the board be updated according to the state of an issue? Please provide more details about your use case.

Please also note that you can have board columns configured by states:

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Hello Liubov!

Thank you for your reply.


We have several states, to deal with 'NEW' issues. With issues which are not 'NEW' but could be the next for the backlog.

And the states, which are on our physical board from 'ANALYSE', 'DEVELOP', 'TEST', 'FINISHED'.

So, I want to have different views on our issues. The columns are always the same, but the lines are different.


I need a view, to show the physical board, which represent all issues with states from 'BACKLOG' to 'FINISHED'.

I need a view, to show the issues for a special release.

I need a view, to show the epics and their user stories.

I need a view, to show all user stories with their tasks.


So every time the state of an issue is changed, the issue takes the new place on the board.


I can not create any board of the ones above (except the release board) to have this special view.

YouTrack creates a sprint. The sprint automatically gets issues with state = empty. Which we do not have.


I only want to create a board on a project with the different states. No sprint or so. Only reperenset the state of the issues.


With kind regards




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Hello Joerg, I'm sorry for the delay.

With new version 2017.3, you can create boards without sprints at all:

Please take a look and let me know if that covers your use case. Thanks!

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Hello Liubov!

It works fine!

The new features are doing exactly what I need!


Thank you!


With kind regards


Joerg Fechner


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