Sprints in JIRA import

I've used YT's JIRA import feature to import issues from our cloud instance of JIRA. However, no sprint information came over that I can see (i.e., there's no field for it). How do I get YT to import the sprint information from our JIRA issues?


Official comment

Hello Bob, thanks for your question.

If your sprints in JIRA are available as ordinary fields, then these sprints should have been imported. If that didn't happen, please sens us the full logs of your YouTrack instance to youtrack-feedback@jetbrains.com or write us the name of your InCloud YouTrack so that we could check the logs on our side.

If sprints are not fields in your JIRA instance, then unfortunately our import mechanism doesn't import this information. I've created a feature request in our tracker, please vote/comment on it: https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/JT-43131

What constitutes an "ordinary field"? The sprints are tracked in the default JIRA way, via a field it says is a "JIRA Software sprint field" -- is that ordinary? Does YT *ever* bring over sprint information from JIRA, or is thing something that just isn't supported?


this might help for those, who try to import jira sprints to youtrack:


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