Team member views, and User Stories as selectable swimlanes for different boards/views?

Trying out YouTrack and I'm having difficulty recreating a setup that we used to use in Targetprocess:

  • Being able to set (either manually, or preferably, automatically) a hierarchy of Team -> Project -> User Stories -> Tasks.
  • In the current Agile board settings screen, it doesn't seem to have a way to automatically create swimlanes / rows per User Story, they still appear as cards just like Tasks, which is unintuitive. When I tried it, all it did was create a swimlane titled 'User Story' - not what I expected. I could use a Project to represent a User Story, but then the User Story cards don't seem very useful. 
  • No quick way to see individual team member's user stories and tasks. This is a very important tool for daily standups, to run through what everyone's working on; in Targetprocess we had a sidebar with a list of all team members, and we could switch between their task boards with a single click. Does such a feature exist in YouTrack, or do we have to manually type their name into the Filter? 
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Hello! Thank you for your interest in YouTrack

About Team -> Project -> User Stories -> Tasks hierarchy -- what exactly do you understand by Team? If team is just a group of developers, that can work on issues, then you can create a user group for such purpose, give it sufficient permissions and use this group in project's Assignee field settings.

About Agile settings -- which template did you use for creating agile board? In any case, if in the second tab of board settings you select "Swimlanes based on issue", the each swimlane will be represented by an issue, where you can write HTD and other required information and all cards from this swimlane would be it's subtasks. 

For viewing each user's activities you can use personal board template, if each user create a board for himself and share it for the team, you will be able to see what he's doing at the moment.


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