Fix version field is not linked with sprints

The issue is that the Fix version is not added automatically on Sprint creation for some projects.

So I cannot select Fix version anymore for some projects though I have few sprints created.

Note that the items are visible on TestSprintIS2 sprint board, but they are not visible when I select other sprints.

Due to this I also don't see how the item related with sprint and I cannot move item to another sprint.


Fix version field looks by the same way as for other project where it works as expected, and I didn't find any configuration to create Fix version value on sprint creation.


We are using the following version of YouTrack:

  • JetBrains Bug & Issue Tracker YouTrack 2017.3
  • Build 37517 Wed, Nov 8, 2017, 3:47:01 PM GMT



Hello, could you please show us a screenshot of your board settings? If you want to link sprints with the Fix versions, you need to enable the option 'Link Sprints to Values for Custom Field'. More about it here:


Thank you! Forgot about the possibility to link on board settings. It works ok now.


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