Time Tracking in workflow - action after workitem added



I need help with creating a workflow that calls an URL endpoint whenever the workitem is added/edited in issue. We need to integrate YouTrack with our reporting system.


Hello Josef, we're ready to help, could you please paste the code that you currently have? What doesn't work there?


Ok, I have:

if(!ctx.issue.workItems.isEmpty()) {

 //do something

But this is triggered everytime there is at least one workitem. BUT, I want to handle situation, when work item is added. I also considered state-machite rules but it seems that Time Spent field is special, because it cannot be changed directly (only through adding workitems)...

Could you please give me a hit, how can I handle the change of total spent time of an issue? Thank you.

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Hello Josef,

You are right, 'Spent Time' is a special field: when you turn the time tracking on, this field is updated automatically. So, you may use the following check:

`if (ctx.issue.fields.isChanged(ctx.ST))`,

where `ctx.ST` is defined in requirements section:

`ST: {

  type: entities.Field.periodType,

  name: 'Spent Time'



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